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Stanozolol Winstrol Ion Labs


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Ion Labs Stanozolol (Winstrol) tablets

100x10mg tablets

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Winstrol, a DHT derivative widely recognized by its common name, stands as a prominent anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS). Among athletes seeking comprehensive enhancements in physical performance, it holds a position of popularity. Notably, Winstrol avoids inducing water retention or excessive glycogen buildup, making it versatile across various sports disciplines. Its efficacy extends to fostering the growth of lean muscle mass, elevating endurance, and precipitating significant surges in strength. As a result, it contributes to a lean and vascular physique. Importantly, Winstrol demonstrates relatively low androgenic activity. At moderate doses, concerns such as acne, oily skin, and hair loss are less likely, rendering it suitable for women when administered at lower dosages.

Similar to all 17α alkylated steroids, stanozolol has the potential to adversely affect liver and stomach functions. Hence, to ensure safety, it is recommended to incorporate liver and stomach support supplements before, during, and after a cycle.


Stanozolol boasts an estimated half-life of 8 hours, necessitating twice-daily administration—morning and evening. Daily dosages typically range from 20 to 50mg for men and a reduced 5mg for women.


Utilization in conjunction with exogenous testosterone (in any form) is essential when integrating Winstrol. It aligns effectively with injectable compounds, SARMs, HGH, and MK-677. For optimized liver and stomach safeguarding, the inclusion of BPC-157 is advisable.

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Stanozolol Winstrol Ion Labs