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Dianabol Beligas


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Dianabol 100x20mg tabs

Manufacturer: Beligas

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Ah, Dianabol, the muscle maestro’s dream, A concoction of strength, so it would seem. A powdery potion, a pill to imbibe, Watch muscles grow, as if on a magic ride.

With a wink and a nod, it enters the stage, Dianabol’s allure, all the rage. It dances with hormones, a tantalizing jest, Promising gains, as if it knows best.

But heed my words, for caution’s the key, Dianabol’s power comes with a fee. Gains aplenty, but side effects too, A trade-off to consider in all that you do.

Muscles may flourish, but liver beware, For Dianabol’s dance, not without a snare. Androgenic whispers, acne’s embrace, A price to pay for the muscle chase.

So, to Dianabol’s rhythm, you may sway, But remember, it’s more than gains on display. Consult the wise, the experts that care, For a journey that’s safe, and risks are laid bare.


PCT, that’s the plan, When Dianabol’s in your hand. A cycle done, gains on the rise, But post-cycle blues, we must advise.

Dianabol, the muscle’s mate, With strength and mass, it seals your fate. But hormones shift, they take a dive, PCT’s the key to survive.

When Dianabol’s curtain falls, Your body’s balance, it gently calls. Post-Cycle Therapy, don’t ignore, It’s what your body’s looking for.

Nolvadex, Clomid, they take the stage, To bring back your hormones from their cage. Restart your system, bring back the fire, PCT’s the script, the ultimate desire.

So, remember well, after Dianabol’s thrill, PCT’s the plan, your health to fulfill. In the style of Cooper Clarke, I implore, PCT’s the encore, you can’t ignore.

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Dianabol Beligas